Yes, the EEMedalions & EEBracelets is offered for sale for the Meditation Center guests

The session is with a group or private according to the client’s preference

Yes. We have session at night time, you have to call to book an appointment

Yes. The EES is safe for all ages. For children up to the age of 13, you have to call to book a private session.

Yes. You have to call to book a private session.

During a session you relax in a zero gravity chair or on a bed, close your eyes and try to sleep or meditate (recommend to bring sleep eye mask) and enjoy of tranquility and good energy. You can bring your MP3 & headphones to listen to your favorite meditation music. We are asking our guests to keep quiet in the room and refrain from talking

Minimum of 2 hours. For more positive effects, longer sessions and regular visits are needed, depend on your condition

As each person is unique and there is no set rule, its recommended for regular visits until you will get the best results of overall wellness

The effect is cumulative, the more you are charged with energy, the more your body can move toward a healthy millivolt level and begins self-healing. There is no maximum time as you can never have too much healthy energy

Before a session – Drink plenty of water and avoid food and beverage caffeinated, to help your body adjust to the energy and to prepare yourself for a deeper state of relaxation

After a session – Drink plenty of water with lemon and take a Detox Bath (body/foot) at least 30 min, this will help eliminate toxins

Wear your EE charged necklace and bracelet daily for overall wellness

The EESystem is an ecologically and environmentally safe system.

You might experience some detox symptoms these will pass after you take your Detox Bath

Yes. The meditation center close to Rehovot train station and public transport

There is no accessibility for disabled. You can come with companions for assistance.

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