Important Information Before Booking


There is NO wheelchair accessible (It’s a temporary location until finding a place with wheelchair accessible)  – you can bring a caretaker to assist you, if you require a caretaker to stay with you, they will also need to pay for the session or may wait outside the center until the session completes

To your attention

There are two small and friendly dogs in the center, if you afraid of dogs, please let me know before your booking.


There is a free parking outside the center.

Recommendation before arrival

Drink plenty of water, avoid food & beverage caffeinated, eat a light snack (do not arrive hungry or after a big meal)

What is recommended to bring with me?

-Water bottle – A must

Extra pair of socks – A must. Shoes/ bare feet are not allowed in the meditation room.

Dress in comfortable for lying down

Earplugs for noise cancellation

-Sleep eye mask

-Thin blanket for coziness

-Please do not come if you have flu, cold etc.

The entrance to the meditation room is without shoes, bags (except personal wallet) and phones – please leave your phone outside the room in airplane mode or off.

Arrival to the center

High importanceto allow the people in the meditation room serenity and tranquility for their meditation/relaxation process.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior the session.

-New guests – please arrive 15 minutes prior the session to fill out a form and to get a guidance, but not earlier to not disturb the people in the center.

The session starts ON TIME – Please do not arrive late to not disturb the people in the meditation room that in relaxation/meditation process. 

Recommendation after a session

Drink plenty of water with lemon, decaffeinated green tea.

Salt Bath (body/foot) at least 30 minutes as soon you will get to your home or within the next 24 hours. It is suggested to continue to do these baths for the next 5 days after your session.

Body bath: 2 cups of sea salt + 2 cups of baking soda

Foot bath: 1/2 cup of sea salt + 1/2 cup of baking soda


Light Energy policy

For your attention:

The screen towers are precisely aligned to create the energy enhancement field, please do not come near or touch the EESystem monitors.

Anyone found touching the EES system or interfering the group session, will be asked to leave the center with no refund, and will not be permitted back to the center.

For your information: Any damages incurring as a result of this situation, the person    

responsible for this damage will be pay all the repair costs.

Children 13 years old and up

Accompanied by a parent only, may attend public sessions if they can sit/lay quietly for the length of your session. In case of any disturbance to the people in the room, you will be requested to leave the center.

Children up to 13 years old

Accompanied by a parent only, required to book a private session by phone.


Required to book a private session by phone:

Pets may be permitted at our center, but it’s subject to our discretion depending on the type of pet, their size, overall demeanor and if they shed.

Night hours

Required to book a session by phone.

Private session – you get the whole center for yourself

Good for when you want to be alone or for a private group as well.

Required to book a session by phone.

Cancellation policy

A full refund will be granted for cancellations greater than 24-hours of your reservation start time. Only a 50% refund will be issued for cancellations within 24-hours of your reservation start time.

Late arrival does not qualify you for extended time or a refund.

  • You can pass your appointment to someone else only by phone coordination